Founded in 2009, Dravot Carnehan Studios is an independent multimedia production company inspired by passion. We believe life should be led to the fullest and we strive to create content that reflects this belief. Our projects depict individuals who challenge convention. We only work with partners who believe in improving the quality of life. We shoot locations that arouse the senses and cover events that enliven the spirit. Our clients come from a wide cross section of industries; entertainment, travel, fashion, advertising, public relations, corporate and non-profit. However they differ, they share a common desire to engage their audience and respond to their individual passions.

We cut our teeth in the small budget, tight schedule world of independent film and are now applying our skills to produce outstanding multi-platform media. Whether the medium is video, film, photography or digital, our job is to tell the story, enhance the brand and deliver the message with unique perspective and creativity. At Dravot Carnehan we share your passion.

“Passion can be found anywhere. It can be found in the workplace, in the home, in large cities or solitary places. People love to witness it. They watch it, read about it, share it with others. Passion can entertain, it can educate, and it can inspire.”

Clients & Partners

Our Team

Dravot Carnehan’s creative team has been formed from all aspects of the media industry. They’ve sharpened their skills at some of the top production companies, ad agencies, photography and design studios. They share a passion for imagery, storytelling, fluid scripting and solid content. If the project involves production, video, photography or the web, we have the experience. We deliver outstanding results on time and on budget.

Whether you are looking for a complete production team, expert advice on devising a social media branding strategy or wish to hire a camera crew to cover a live event, we are here for you.

Peter Barossi

Peter Barossi

Executive Producer / Director