Neat Video

Neat Video noise reducing plug-in

I recently worked on a corporate video that involved shooting in a factory. The shoot went well, but I was faced with having to capture a few shots in less than stellar lighting conditions. Shooting with a Canon 7D, I opened the aperture as wide as I could and boosted the ISO until I was satisfied that the action in the shot was visible. I knew I was going to be dealing with a grainy shot, but getting the shot was the main concern.

When editing the piece I needed to find a post production filter that could aid in cleaning up the shot yet not distort the picture. Final Cut didn’t provide any solutions. My online search brought me to a few pro photo bulletin boards dealing with the topic. The solution that kept popping up was the Neat Video plug-in. Neat Video is a filter specifically designed to reduce visible noise in digital video clips produced by modern digital video capturing devices as well as digitized from traditional film or VHS records. I downloaded the free demo and tested it out. I was blown away by the results. Although I only needed to apply it to a few shots in what was a 6 minute project, the filter made an enormous difference in the final outcome. Easily worth the $100 I paid for the Pro version of the plug-in. Check out the before and after shots from my project below. To see even more impressive before and after shots and learn more about the plug-in visit the Neat Video website at

Before Neat Video

After Neat Video